Prairie Godmother Funds


Once upon a time, not so very long ago, in a far away land called Barton County . . . Womenof all ages, backgrounds, and economic standings came together to impact the lives of others.

The Prairie Godmother Funds provide grants to improve the health and well-being of Barton County women by addressing critical needs not met by other community resources. The concept is simple: Women Helping Women.

How It Works

Generous donations to the Prairie Godmother Funds will help establish a permanent endowment, grantmaking fund, and small administrative fund. The endowed fund will allow donations to be held in perpetuity for the long-term needs of Barton County women, while the grantmaking fund will address immediate needs.

Grant applications will be accepted from our partner agencies, who will help identify the short-term, critical needs that the Prairie Godmother Funds are intended to address. The Advisory Board will review completed applications. Grants will be made in a matter of days and will be paid directly to the vendors of the requested service or need.

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The Advisory Board 

  • Traci Burns
  • Melanie Calcara
  • Sheryl Cheely
  • Linda Marmie
  • Rachel Mawhirter
  • Krista Smith

Our Partner Agencies

  • Barton County Emergency Aid Council
  • Barton County Health Department
  • Catholic Charities of Southwest Kansas
  • Central Kansas Dream Center
  • ElderCare Inc.
  • Family Crisis Center
  • Heart of Kansas Family Healthcare
  • The Center for Counseling & Consultation

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