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Our grants are made possible through the contributions of individual donors and nonprofit donor funds managed by the Foundation. Some are driven by the charitable interests of our donors, and others come from our unrestricted funds that allow us to operate at our most strategic level, investing in needs as they change over time, advancing long-term strategic goals, and taking on key leadership roles.  GBCF wants to create a partnership with area agencies in reaching their goals.  We work to support the causes our community cares about!  Grants are available to Barton, Pawnee, Rush, and Stafford County, Kansas organizations and residents.

Competitive Grants

Competitive grants compete for available funding. Awards are based on projects most closely aligned with grant criteria and available funding.  There are three competitive grant cycles a year with deadlines on: March 1, July 1, and November 1st.  The amount of available funding is included in the fund details, within our grant portal.  Grant funding is calculated annually, beginning with the November 1st deadline and is available until it is fully expended or recalculated.  GBCF seeks projects that are: innovative, collaborative, proactive, measurable, and sustainable.  Applications are reviewed by a grants committee and scored in these 5 designated areas.

Non-Competitive Grants

Non-competitive, also known as formula grants are available on a continual basis.  Funding addresses a quantifiable element such as: target populations or meets a specific need.  Grant funding is calculated annually and is available until it is fully expended or recalculated.

Strategic Grants

Defining an area of focus allows for a greater community impact. GBCF is committed to allocating substantial resources towards projects that create or enhance outdoor play or recreational space for the health and well-being of youth. Requests may be for planning, policy, equipment, safety improvements, lighting, etc.  Click here for more information.

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Grants Committee

Golden Belt Community Foundation’s accomplished Grants Committee includes community stakeholders, board members and staff.  Volunteer participation and willingness to objectively review grant applications ensures recipients are selected in a fair and consistent manner.  Grant reviewers must complete the Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest Form each calendar year.